Our Service

At muscle and classic car brokers, we are the middle man for buying and selling muscle and classic cars for the people that dont want to be bombarded, and hassled with tyre kickers and time wasters.

We take on the cars for sale, list them on our sites and social media channels, take all calls, emails, and enquiries, filter out the genuine clients and the pass on the info to the seller or buyer.

We can also negotiate for a vehicle on other sites, if the client doesnt feel comfortable to do it them selves.

Once the final price has been negotiated, the buyer and seller pay for the car direct to the owner, we dont ask for anything, except a flat fee of 3%, or less, depending on the sale price.

We have been in the motor trade for over 29 yrs, check out our testimonials .

Any other info needed, please call George on 0408 351 302